Hardscapes -Walkways, Patios, Retaining Walls

Giving your property depth and visual diversity.

Hardscaping provides functional features to landscape without all the maintenance that the living elements usually require.  It refers to the heavier elements of landscape design, such as rocks, patios, stones, walkways etc.  The right combination of hardscapes and softscapes can give your property depth and visual diversity, providing edges and lines to your landscaping.

Hardscapes need to be balanced with Softscapes.

When aiming for an appealing design around your home, incorporating both hardscape and softscape elements gives the right balance to your landscaping.  A fountain will stand out when surrounded by perennials. A retaining wall will be enhanced with flowering shrubs. The key is to combine both hardscapes and softscapes in a way that not only makes a design statement, but also complements your home, as well as your lifestyle.

Design ideas using Hardscapes

Incorporate hardscapes and softscapes around your deck or pool area
Direct the flow of movement through your garden with a Flagstone walkway
Create privacy with rock walls
Expand your outdoor living space with brick or stone patios and fire pits
Add textures to enhance color and variety
Add waterfalls, fountains or small ponds


See our Hardscaping Portfolio

See our Hardscaping Portfolio

Our Hardscape Services Include:

> Patios - Brick, Stone, Textures
> Decks
> Walkways - entryways
> Block, stone, and tie retaining walls
> Waterfalls - Garden Fixtures
> Steps
> Fire Pits - Outdoor Fireplaces


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